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Colonial Bench Works Inside or Out

For extra seating or just for looks, make our pine bench to fit that special place near the door.

These benches, which are based on a colonial design, offer a busy family a place to pause.  Kitchens, wide hallways, and informal entrances are just a few of the areas in the home where this simple-to-make bench can be both useful and decorative.

You can make the bench the length you need to fit a particular location.  Simply use a longer or shorter skirt, seat, and back.  The dark green bench shown here measures 4 feet long; the cream colored one below is 5 feet long.



We also show in our plans two different ways to attach the back slats. On the green bench, the slats are simply nailed to the sides.  For a more finished look, we notch the slats into the sides of the other bench.

Other than a skil saw and hammer, the only tools needed will be a jig saw and a compass.

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